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I'm Binyu Xu, a multidisciplinary UI/UX designer with 2-year experience in web and app design.

Currently, I'm a graduate student at Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, Canada. My concentration is on user-centred design, visual storytelling and persuasive design. Meanwhile, I work as a UX designer on projects sponsored by industry clients.

Before that, I was a freelance designer and video editor at Netease and Harper's Bazaar China. I also worked with United Nations Development Program on the report for the recognition of gender identity and inclusion of transgender people in China.

My experience in both business and NGO with different cultural contexts has taught me how to empathize and understand the needs of different users. As a result, I think it made me a better designer.

Outside of work, I'm also an installation artist, photographer and independent documentary producer. My interactive installation, Project Fermi Paradox, was displayed in the Han Art Gallery in Beijing in July 2019. This helps me improve my creativity, aesthetics and logic.

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