Cloud Farm

An e-commerce service design that directly links both urban consumers and rural dairy farmers in Beijing in a form of online shopping website. This project demonstrates my visual design skills based on commercial analysis.

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People used to turn milk into dairies like yogurt, cheese, and butter for reasons of food safety the days before fridges were invented; now, however, people need to worried about food safety when they select dairy products.

Overall, the domestic dairy consumer market shows an upward trend, but the growth rate has been very low. Concerns about food safety influence consumers' choices, and the lack of confidence in domestic brands makes imported products quickly occupy the market in China.

Market Research

Interview with an Expert

I interviewed a market expert who revealed the current status of China's milk production being monopolized by large companies and the negative impact of this monopoly.

At present, the development prospects of China's dairy industry are great. But almost all dairy production is monopolized by giant companies. Therefore, from a market perspective, dairy farmers are a relatively vulnerable group. Their income is limited. If this situation does not improve, it is very likely that the competitiveness of domes“tic dairy products will decline.

---- Wang Kun, Professor, Agricultural Unviersity of China

After the interview, I summarize five major problems and their cause in the dairy industry.

Problem 1: Large companies promote individual grazing patterns, so the demand for dairy cows increases rapidly in a short period of time

Cause: Cow prices is rising

Problem 2: Need to rely on imports because of insufficient domestic production

Cause: Fodder price is increasing

Problem 3: Dairy farmers have weak bargaining power

Cause: Large companies pay low prices to dairy farmers

Problem 4: Dairy farmers are reluctant to change cows regularly, because of high cost

Cause: Low milk quality

Problem 5: Dairy product safety testing organizations are supported by large dairy companies

Cause: These organizations lack credibility

Field Research

In order to further understand the development of the dairy industry in Beijing, I conducted a field research to a local milk factory near Beijing.

  1. The factory has a large scale dairy farming
  2. Factory laboratory tests milk quality regularly
  3. The entire process from production to packaging is done in the factory
  4. Fresh milk products rely on cold-chain transportation
The internal ecology of the milk factory is good. But this kind of ecology has no strong connection with neither the early raw milk production by individual herdsmen, nor the later sales.

User Research

Focus Group

I conducted a focus group among my college classmates to explore the characteristics of dairy consumption in urban residents.

Interview with Target Users

I then conducted more detailed one-on-one interviews to try to summarize the needs of herders and consumers.

User Needs

Stakeholder Map

User Persona

Product Definition

Cloudfarm is an e-commerce service design that directly links both urban consumers and rural dairy farmers in Beijing. The aim is to solve the current contradiction between the high demand for milk among young citizens and the management difficulties among ranchers: to make it easy for consumers living in the city to have access to high-quality dairy and cow-raising experiences; meanwhile, to help dairy farmers increase their income levels and improve their business diversity.

A service design project that links consumers in cities and dairy farmers in villages.


After defining the product, I followed user-centred design method to start fast prototyping process.

Information Architecture

Lo-fi Wireframe

I did user test with my friends and iterated my design based on their feedback

Visual Language

Hi-fi Landing Pages

UI Mockup

Service Blueprint

User Flow

User Storyboard

Final Output

Branding Scheme

User Scenario