An all-in-one ad solution platform connecting e-commerce stores and brands.

/Major Tom
My Role
/UX researcher /Product Designer

My Responsibilities

  • Interview the target users and gather user insights;
  • Create user persona and analyze user pain points;
  • Research on market trends and conduct business analysis on competitors;
  • Create product (Shopify App) wireframe and design high fidelity prototype;
  • Present product design to the clients and gather feedback weekly;
  • Validate product design by coordinating, facilitating and conducting user testing;
  • Create, maintain and update Dangle design system and UI library based on Shopify Polaris Design System

Project Overview

Problem Framing

We framed our problem space after the first meeting with our client, Chris and Lyn from Major Tom.

Project Objectives

The team scope down the project according to the problem statement and project time. As the product designer on the grocery store side, I set up the design objectives based on product objectives.

Design Strategy

As a user-centred product designer, I also took our client's business vision and the team's technology potential into consideration and tried to reach a balance.

User Research

User Interview

We conducted an in-depth user interview with Ryan Dennis on Zoom. Ryan is the owner of Larry's Market, a local vegetarian grocery store. We used Dovetail to conduct a comprehensive qualitative analysis of all the interviews and conclude with some key findings:

  • Difficulty in managing the online store with limited human resources;
  • Hope to increase online sales and discover new brands that have a high shelf turnover rate;
  • He never took advantage of their online platform to promote products

User Persona

We created the user persona based on these three important findings and then analyzed the pain points.

User Insights

We divided the primary user needs of the Dangle Shopify app's users into two groups by user journey mapping, storyboarding and 'bad ideas' team brainstorming.

Business Analysis

Industry Insights

We sketched out the stakeholder maps and conducted competitive research on the major ad bidding platforms. Currently, brands can advertise on these large platforms, while independent online grocery stores are missing this opportunity.

SWOT Analysis

In the secondary research stage, we read a lot of literature and analyzed Dangle's market positioning both internally and externally.

Business Vision

The team compiled and planned the concepts into three phases, while we focused on validating the initial prototype by testing in the local market.

Product Design

Feature Maps

The framework of the Dangle Shopify App is established on the results of user research and our client's feedback.

Iterative Design

Design Highlights

Experience Optimization

Prototype Walk-through

Design Impact

User Review

Client Satisfaction