Did you ever go to a place and then you get a Deja vu? "Have I ever seen this place somewhere in a movie?" Well, you might try to search on google but you would be lost in the 9999 pages of results. As a movie lover myself, I do feel this way from time to time. That's why I started this side project out of my interest.

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The global Travel & Tourism sector grew at 3.9% to contribute a record $8.8 trillion and 319 million jobs to the world economy in 2018 (@WTTC). As 2018 draws to a close, comScore is estimating that worldwide box office will hit a record $41.7 billion. The film industry and the tourism industry and their derivative industries have already accounted for a large proportion of people's entertainment expenditures. With the popularization of new technologies such as AR, products in the cross-industry might be very promising.

Market Research

Conclusion: Digital products that provide cross-content related services for travel and film culture may have a larger group of potential customers. There are plenty of chances to explore in the cross-industry market.

Case Analysis

The products that provide video content information search services are fully functional. However, existing products are difficult to meet the more professional needs in the cross-industry of travel and film.


My Hypothesis


User Experience Blueprint

Product Definition

Filmtracer is an app for professional photographers, film lovers and visitors, providing them with information on film locations, photography guidance, etc. The aim is to help users produce more creative photography work or get a more interesting travel experience.

Key Features

Users can use it to search and find filming locations information. It is easier to find the location of the movie near the user. The timeline-based filming information display feature makes it easier to find all the shooting locations in a particular movie in the order of plot development.

Provide users with necessary technical supports, including important professional photography information such as equipment parameters, lighting, and angle. Lower the technical threshold and encourage more people to participate in their own creation.



Technology Research

Based on SPARK AR STUDIO technology, the app's fun camera can achieve more accurate character detection, allowing the photographer to change the character costumes, makeup and props in the movie in real time, making it easier to take more interesting and vivid things.

It is often the case that the films are shot in a more remote place. Ordinary positioning is only displayed on a flat map, which does not meet the needs of precise navigation. Therefore, the function of AR NAVIGATION is necessary.


I also did user test with my friends and iterated my design based on their feedback.

User Interface Design

Mood Board

The target users are younger generation. So a more vibrant color combination has been selected in the UI design section in an effort to create a fresh and enjoyable experience. According to a random- pictures selecting survey, 77% of the respondents indicated that blue and purple can give people such feelings.

Visual Language

Final Output

UI Mockup

Feature Promo Video

User flow